Fastest (High Speed) VPN Services in 2018

Are you tired of slow VPN services that frustrate your online surfing? Here we list and review all the fastest high speed VPN services online with good reputations as well as reliable servers. So, if you are searching for the fastest VPN services on the internet, you have arrived in the right blog.

We’ve been asked a lot of times by our blog visitors to recommend the list of VPN services that are extremely fast. So, to make sure you get the best, we have consulted lots of VPN users online as well as try a whole number of VPN servers to get a feel of how fast or slow they can be. Unfortunately, only a very few of them passed the test while the rest average or slow. We also went through popular VPN services forums and user guides and help section to short list the top VPN services and then put them to speed test to gauge for Upload speed, ping and download speed in different countries or locations.

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What is the Fastest VPN Service?

The fastest VPN service is a VPN server that would not slow you down while surfing the internet, that constantly optimize their network of servers in order to be able to deliver the fastest speeds you can ever think of, to able you to enjoy HD videos and also download files as fast as a jet fighter.

Features of fastest VPN service provider

-A fast VPN service provides their users with a speed test using the VPN app.
– Get an update to date index of the fastest server locations for you.
– Gives users the option of choosing the fastest server location for your needs. Save your favourite server locations for easy access later on.

– A fast VPN service provider have extensive server networks, and multiple encryption protocols. And features such as Split Tunneling that assist users in dividing internet into slow (but secured) session or a fast or VPN free session.
– A fast VPN service are ones with the large server spreads that span many server locations.
-A fast VPN service makes sure that their users have a large basket of supported protocols in order to switch between them based on their speeds and security requirements.
– A fast VPN service provider most host its servers in a large, commonly accessed data centers such as the ones in UK, US, and Australia.

How VPN Affects your Internet Speed

You may be asking yourself the way a Virtual private network cuts down on the speed of your internet surfing. Allow me to clarify this for you personally. As soon as you connect a Virtual private network in your device, it forms a virtual tunnel. This specific tunnel is created implementing diverse safe protocols for example PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol), L2TP (Layer-to-Tunneling Protocol), SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol) and OpenVPN etc.

These types of tunneling protocols guard the safety of virtual tunnel and also the information traveling with them. Combined with the tunneling protocols, a Virtual private network works with diverse encryption levels.

The encryption supplied by a Virtual private network works as a backup plan. Infiltration of the tunnel’s security and safety is next to impossible; however, in cases where a professional hacker gets the task finished, he’s smacked with nothing but encoded information. To put it briefly, a Virtual private network offers you amazing security and safety; however, there’s a small investment. This cost is the lethargy with regards to Internet speed.

Whenever you are utilizing a Virtual private network, the drop in Internet speed is directly proportional towards the security and safety related to the tunneling protocols. Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol is less inclined to lower your speed however it guarantees minimum security and safety. Alternatively, Layer-to-Tunneling Protocol guarantees reasonable security and safety however it includes a substantial effect on your Internet speed. Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol normally takes security and safety to the completely new stage however creates a substantial drop in speed.

To be able to penetrate into your network, a hacker or any kind of unauthorized individual will need to breakthrough diverse layers of security in order to gain access to your protected information. The amount of security and safety is determined by your choice of the tunneling protocol. The greater your protocol is protected, the greater speed loss your will have in your internet speed. This is one way it works. So, you’ve two options here

Select a much less secure protocol (This is one thing we don’t advise).
Select a Virtual private network which has minimum effect on your Internet speed (strongly recommended).

Causes of Falls in internet Speeds from Virtual Private Network

Just how much a Virtual private network decreases your online speed depends upon a variety of factors. These factors include:

the kind and range of encryption protocols you’ve employed on your VPN,
the product range and location of servers of the service provider,
and also the range of Virtual private network server from your Web service provider server.

Although an inexpensive Virtual private network will certainly decrease your web speed by up to 75%, a fantastic provider will reduce speed falls to 25% on a weekend. The previously mentioned qualities ought to always be found in the Virtual private network service you’re going with and can NEVER be compromised on.

Assessment Strategy
The evaluation of fastest VPN service is not done in standard way by our technology specialists; we all employed our own sources at various location to verify the reliability of services boasting to offer fast VPN functionality. We all examined their software via Northern America, Europe, Australasia, even South America to raise weightage in the results. Nevertheless, the assessment strategy is easy; we all document the speed of connection to the internet without having Virtual private network and then by having a VPN. The decrease percentile in the results of enlisted fastest Virtual private network services are the most effective, even approximately 96.8%. The service having lower impact to secure the top placement in the list and blasting fast for sure.

Speed Test Standard

It is very important test out each of the Virtual private network services using a consistent standards. We are going to demonstrate to you the speed test of fastest Virtual private network services via a location located in U . S .. We’ll examine their speed simply by connecting to their United kingdom servers employing PPTP and L2TP protocols, due to the fact United kingdom is at a substantial range from United states and since the speed decelerates further since the distance increases it’ll be a trial run that will test out these Virtual private network services in their extreme.

I’ll test out each and every Virtual private network service with PPTP and L2TP protocols as L2TP due to its ultra-sophisticated encryption further decelerates speed.1st I’m evaluating my own connection to the internet without having connecting via Virtual private network to make sure that each of the Virtual private network outcomes could be in comparison with the speed of my connection to the internet without Virtual private network.

How Speed can help..!

People may debate that speed isn’t as significant as safety therefore safety ought to always be regarded and examined first. Now this debate possesses its own weight however in specific circumstances only. If you’re downloading by using Torrent in that case privacy is essential for you or you are making purchases or swapping very sensitive info in that case safety ought to be your main concern. However users usually make use of Virtual private network connection for some other much less sensitive routines as well say for example a large slice of Virtual private network users apply it to online streaming and accessing online stations such as Netflix and Hulu.

If you utilize Virtual private network for the only aim of entertainment which include streaming and gaming in that case speed ought to be the first concern because these routines don’t require ultra-secure accounts while on the other hand you do require an ultra-fast internet speed since the files size of both video content and gaming is quickly increasing. As well as in activities such as torrenting speed plays an important role. So it’s recommended that you ought to determine your choice based on what you intend to do..

How to Select a VPN Server

Besides previously discussed factors one other cause may impact internet speed negatively. Server load is the one other part of a Virtual private network service that ought to continually be evaluated by users. Sometimes a server becomes so congested that its effectiveness reduce and anybody connected to that server may encounter loss of speed. To prevent this, users’ must always select much less congested servers. A lot of Virtual private network services provide Virtual private network clients that show much less congested servers or users can get in touch with Online Chat of their Virtual private network provider to ask about much less congested servers. Applying this easy safety measure you are able to protect yourself from needless lag.

Important Issues for Fastest VPN Services

There are actually number of important aspects you need to take into account before obtaining Virtual private network service; these factors would asist you in evaluating the functionality of provided Virtual private network in terms of speed.

Downloading Speed: This matters quite possibly the most if you wish to obtain data on various platforms such as via file sharing server, Torrents, media & movies downloads from websites, or stream your preferred shows and sport events online. Comparing of download speed of top 5 fastest VPN services prior to making use of Virtual private network and after connecting with Virtual private network service, is given to assist you in assessing the overall performance of given “ services.

Ping Time: In straightforward terms, it’s the response from the main server – the amount of time a data packet needs to get to the server after departing your system. The quicker the server responds, the quicker you’ll be entertained with your requisition. Ping time is particularly crucial for real-time interactive sessions and gaming. Advantageous Tip: Virtual private network pro in addition choose the fastest server along with lowest ping rates to connect to be able to attain the best reaction. Usually server situated close to you actual location offers you the quickest connectivity and greatest ping timing.

Uploading Speed: You must not ignore the upload speed of their service provider should they desire to upload huge data. In addition, a fast uplink is needed if you want to synchronize large data. These days, the vast majority of us are employing the expertise of Cloud dependent models like SkyDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Elephant Drive, etc. for data safety and simple accessibility everywhere – if such is the case you need to assess the Virtual private network provider’s up-link speed.

High Speed VPN Services

After putting the above things into consideration we were able to select a good number of fastest VPN services online which we listed below: is one of the fastest VPN services on the internet. According to research and tested conducted by experts, Ipvanish has a ping of 22ms; download speed of 79.70 Mbps and upload speed was 6.48 Mbps when you connect using their Canada server. Also, their UK server when connecting from US location has Ping of 19ms, download speeds of 69.53Mbps and also the upload speed of 10.58.”>Hidemyassis another VPN service with one of the fastest servers on the internet with a ping of 41, download speed of 82.77 Mbps when connecting to Korean server. And also, a ping of 32ms, download speed of 85.37 Mbps and upload speed of 85.37 Mbps.

PureVPN is a VPN service with a very fast server among the VPN services online. Here they have the ping speed of 27ms, Upload speed of 8.34 Mbps and download speed of 8.45Mbps when connecting using their UK server and also download speed of 10.94 Mbps and upload speed of 69.32 Mbps when connecting using their L2TP/IPSec protocol. L2TP/IPSec standard tunneling protocol.

ExpressVPN is also among the fastest VPN services online that boast a ping of 33 ms and download speed of 82.56 Mbps and upload speed of 12.92 Mbps when utilizing their KSA server as well as ping of 8p28 ms, download speed of71.68 Mbps and upload speed of 6.25 Mbps.

IronSocket is also one of the fastest VPN services on the web. Based of research test, they boast a ping of 37ms, download 80.44 Mbps and upload speed of 9.x2 Mbps when using the US server to connect and also ping of 36ms, download speed of 72.45 Mbps and upolad speed of 8.26 Mbps.

Private Internet Access is one of the leading fastest VPN Service providers specializing in secure, encrypted VPN tunnels which create several layers of privacy and security providing you safety on the internet. Our VPN Service is backed by multiple gateways worldwide with VPN Tunnel access in 25+ countries, 36+ regions.
My US internet connection speed without using VPN has a download speed of 85.11 Mbps, upload speed of 8.10 Mbps and also a Ping of 27 ms. However, when connecting using Private Internet Access UK VPN server, Protocol L2TP, I was able to gain a download speed of 69.74 Mbps, Upoload speed of 7.90 Mbps and also Ping 30 ms.